He’s One Molten-Hot Singing Super Star That Has Blazed His Way Into My Heart!

So What is the Untold Story Behind Justin Bieber?

Ah! I bet you Beliebers want to find out!!!

Enough with the drool! I know it’s hard to get your eyes of that life size poster on your bedroom door, but if you’re truly into the Bieb, then you’ll want to know what made him ‘God’s gift to the teen world!’Enough with the drool! I know it’s hard to get your eyes of that life size poster on your bedroom door, but if you’re truly into the Bieb, then you’ll want to know what made him ‘God’s gift to the teen world!’

Yes, behind those die-for locks and a smile that can make me faint, there’s an AMAZING story that’s definitely an eye-opener. In authentic Nancy Drew style, I’ve scrambled around locked doors and Internet alleys to unearth a goldmine of Justin Bieber information that will make even make his mom sit up and take note!

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

  • Who did Justin have in mind while singing his hit single ‘Baby’?

  • Was Justin really playing ‘kiss and tell’ in the back seat of a car?

  • Did a fan actually run away with a lock of Justin’s glorious hair?

  • Who was PAID to kiss Justin, then went on to kiss him for free?

Yup, you’ll find all that and tons more never-heard-of-before stuff about the Bieb right here!

Born for Fame – The Untold Story of Justin Bieber

That’s Fifty-five pages of unadulterated, genuine and researched information that covers the A to Z of the Bieber life (well, at least till about last week!).  It goes one step beyond what you can find on the web, giving you a whole lot of candid stuff from backstage -  It doesn’t get better than this! This is your chance to connect with a star that has broken world records and a zillion hearts!

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Before your itching fingers race to that ‘Download’ tab, let me give you a peek on what’s inside this ebook (like you needed another reason!!)

  • Justin’s childhood in Chapter 1

  • His way to stardom on Chapters 2 and 3

  • A blow by blow account of JB’s love life in Chapter 4

  • Latest gossip about fans and stalkers in Chapter 5

  • Justin’s amazing tweets and posts in Chapter 6

  • Handpicked Bieber merchandise in Chapter 7

  • A tough to beat Bieber quiz in Chapter 8

  • The latest news (updated till last week) in Chapter 9

Ok, I think you get the hint. You really need to download this ebook and not just because I wrote it! It sincerely is THE BEST source out there on the Internet. I know as I’ve scoured every nook and cranny and came back disappointed. That’s when this streak of genius hit me and I started to research and write out this ebook (lucky you!).

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The Backstage Girl

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